“Every one of your moans belongs to me now.”

The second I saw Jalicia, I knew I had to have her. Too bad she’s the only girl who I can’t charm into my arms. Normally just a smile makes clothes hit the floor, but not with her.

It just amps up my hunger for her. My need.

I have to make her mine, no matter what it takes.

I knew he was trouble from the second that I saw him. He has the kind of easy smile and ice-blue eyes that could tempt the most holy person into sin.

I don’t have any room in my life for tattooed players like him, especially the kind reckless enough to ride a motorcycle.

He’s my new boss’s boss.

Note: This standalone novelette contains steamy scenes, a bit of tying up, and dirty talk. If you do not enjoy those, please skip this book. If you love sweaty scenes and bad boys, this was written for you. Enjoy!

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