Trouble: A BWWM Bad-Boy Billionaire Romance


Here comes Trouble

I’ve always hated him.

He’s practically grown up at my house. He eats our food. He swims in our pool. He teases me every day, and I’m hitting a tipping point.

Trouble McKane is the no-good, too-handsome god of our college.

I wish I never counted the eight ridges of his abs. I wish I never noticed the sharp V that points south.

I wish he didn’t haunt my dreams at night.
Every time I go to my best bud’s house, I hope to catch a glimpse of her. I watched her fill out from a skinny nerd into someone who could grace a centerfold.

Now that she’s in college, guys are on her like white on rice. My buddy wants me to keep an eye on her.

He’s asked a fox to guard a henhouse.

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