The Reformed Bad Boy’s Baby

Can she heal his broken heart?

Allen McKane is crawling out from the ashes. After losing his wife in childbirth, he stopped caring about anything but business, staying in his private cave of grief and guilt and ignoring the son who looks too much like his dead wife. After a wake-up call in Singapore, he’s finally moving forward, getting to know the son that he’s neglected all these years. Slowly and surely, he’s pushing past his grief and letting go of his tragic past.

That’s when he meets Valentina Baez. She makes his heart start again, a heart that he thought he buried with his wife.

Valentina is a curvy consultant who never expected to meet a billionaire dressed in khakis at a baseball game. She was surprised to see his gang tattoos, and they only meant to spend a single weekend together.

But when she realizes that she’s pregnant, will that turn into a lifetime?

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