The Reformed Bad Boy’s Baby

Can she heal his broken heart? Allen McKane is crawling out from the ashes. After losing his wife in childbirth, he stopped caring about anything but business, staying in his private cave of grief and guilt and ignoring the son

The Bad Boy’s Pregnant Bride

NORA My wild child ways sometimes get me into trouble, but I never expected to wake up married in Vegas. After attending my best friend’s wedding, one drink was followed by too many to count. Before I knew it, I

Sunshine: A BWWM Billionaire Nanny Romance

HUDSON I shouldn’t be thinking this way about the nanny. Since my wife passed, she was my newborn son’s maternal figure. She was everything that he had in the world as I locked myself away from the sun. I shouldn’t

Trouble: A BWWM Bad-Boy Billionaire Romance

Here comes Trouble LAILA I’ve always hated him. He’s practically grown up at my house. He eats our food. He swims in our pool. He teases me every day, and I’m hitting a tipping point. Trouble McKane is the no-good,

The Dragons’ Princess

I have been having very strange dreams lately. I find myself in a different world, with two dragon mates. But when I wake up, I’m back in my apartment, living my quiet life outside of DC. I keep bouncing back

An Heir for the Billionaire Werebears

ZEVA Who knew that crying in your car after getting evicted from your apartment could summon an ultra-hot billionaire werebear? He takes me home to his mansion in Bel Air and offers me a contract. If I agree to his

Twin Dragons: A BWWM Dragon Shifter Romance

These dragon shifters are hotter than their dragon fire. If you attack their mate, you’re liable to be burned. A BBW. Two dragon shifters. Lots of hot loving. GAIL I was minding my own business at Seattle’s Space Needle when


“Every one of your moans belongs to me now.” CHRISTOPHER The second I saw Jalicia, I knew I had to have her. Too bad she’s the only girl who I can’t charm into my arms. Normally just a smile makes

Once Burned

”Tell me the truth. Aren’t I the best you’ve ever had?” VIOLET We all make mistakes. My biggest one was a foul-mouthed, six-foot-five white biker who hit it and quit it. I can’t be mad, though, because he gave me