The Dragons’ Princess

I have been having very strange dreams lately. I find myself in a different world, with two dragon mates. But when I wake up, I’m back in my apartment, living my quiet life outside of DC. I keep bouncing back

An Heir for the Billionaire Werebears

ZEVA Who knew that crying in your car after getting evicted from your apartment could summon an ultra-hot billionaire werebear? He takes me home to his mansion in Bel Air and offers me a contract. If I agree to his

Twin Dragons: A BWWM Dragon Shifter Romance

These dragon shifters are hotter than their dragon fire. If you attack their mate, you’re liable to be burned. A BBW. Two dragon shifters. Lots of hot loving. GAIL I was minding my own business at Seattle’s Space Needle when

An Heir for the White Billionaires

“If you like, we can audition.” I was late to a meeting, but fate never waits for you to be ready. After a terrifying moment in a metro station, I meet a gorgeous white man. We talk, but I don’t


Curvaceous Fitz is a good kid. She follows the rules. Two dragon shifters need a mate, and they show her the delights of swimming in the Pacific Ocean while it is full of tiny glowing stars at night. Fitz loves


***This is a STANDALONE SHORT with a happy ending and no cliffhanger.*** I was a curvy college student trying to make the most of the rest of my time in Ecuador. I found myself in a sticky situation while walking


***This is a STANDALONE SHORT. This short has a happy ending with no cliffhanger.*** Alice is a curvy college student who is on a school trip to the Galapagos. She’s snorkeling in Floreana one day when she nearly drowns. She